One Page Wonder

Multi page website

Award-winning CMS System, Search Engine Optimized, Hosting & Maintenance!

One Page Wonder

One Page Wonder

Multi page website

Award-winning CMS System, Unlimited pages, Search Engine Optimized, Free Domain, Hosting, Emails & Maintenance!

One Page Wonder

Perfect for entrepreneurs. Get your ideas up in a flash, in a one-page website designed to grow!

Elevate your online presence with a professionally designed, stunning website tailored exclusively for you.

Include the following features

One page web design package

This website boasts an impressive design, with five distinct and expertly crafted sections, as well as a sleek footer. Its navigation is both seamless and effortless, offering visitors a smooth experience as they scroll up and down the page.>
Initial setup, Design & build

Mobile responsive

Experience seamless viewing on any device with our technology that customizes the user interface for your screen. No matter where you are, our platform delivers the perfect display for your needs.

Search Engine Optimisation

Boost your website's visibility with our SEO optimization! We optimize every aspect, including alt tags, powerful headers, meta tags, ready for search engine indexing!

one page wonder

Is this right for me?

Perfect for entrepreneurs.
The fastest way to get your thoughts together and a website up! The theme provides a proven structure for business ventures, making it the perfect solution for startups! We know every idea is unique. That's why we'll rebrand and customise it to fit your new venture like a glove.
  • Award-winning System
    The usability of a page builder like Wix, with the punch of a leading CMS!
  • Unbeatable support
    Fantastic customer support: swift, clear, and accurate communication!

How we've helped others

Trusted by Professionals
Founded in 2004, we take pride in our 19 years of experience in creating captivating website designs specifically tailored for businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a One Page website?

A single or one-page website is simply a website that only contains one page, there are no additional pages. Content on single-page websites is fully loaded on the initial page, making the experience more continuous and fluid for the user.

Is this right plan for you?

This plan is right for you if you need a website up relatively urgently and your business idea is easy to understand. You are happy to leave our designers in charge of the design process. You are okay with filling out a simple discovery form either before or during a phone or Zoom consultation and happy to leave the rest to us.

What is the monthly cost for?

Every website requires Maintenance, Licencing & Hosting, which equals your monthly cost. This keeps you safe, secure and running fast! For more on this, please see Smart Website Maintenance.

How much time do I have to make changes?

We allocate 40 minutes for consultation and 20 minutes for tweak time once the website has been built. Anything over that is chargeable. Extra tweak time is chargeable at half our hourly rate which is £35 +VAT for 60 minutes.

What's not included?

Anything that is not defined in this website package plan is extra and is chargeable unless agreed upon in advance and clearly defined. This could be a new feature, new content, or spare time when the allocated time limit is exceeded. All software bugs are covered without an additional fee. We are committed to offering excellent service and superseding your expectations. Find out about the extensions that aren't included and their prices.

Could I add another page if I wanted it?

Yes, of course! If you would like us to do it, we charge a nominal fee of £50 +VAT per page, or with a bit of support and training-you could!

Can I make changes myself?

Of course! It's very easy (see: A page builder with the punch of a CMS!) and we will be happy to provide you with login details to your website.

Are the prices excluding VAT?

Yes, all prices above exclude VAT.

What is the one-off cost for?

The initial one-off cost covers the setup & design of your website, consultation time and tweaks.

One page website for entrepreneurs

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