Smart Maintenance

website maintenance cost

Good website maintenance boosts efficiency, lowing costs, and ensures uptime!
  • Maintenance bundle pack
  • Extensions licensing
  • Software Updates

Website Maintenance

website maintenance cost

Perfect for entrepreneurs. Get your ideas up in a flash, in a one-page website designed to grow!
website maintenance cost

Low cost maintenance bundle pack

This include the following features:

Core CMS updates

We'll keep the system running your website up-to-date!

Extension updates

Fully licensed extensions for updates & security patches!

Bug fixes & breaking changes

Bugs, compatibility issues & breaking changes, this is where it gets fixed.

Virus Scan & monitoring

Optimised for speed, with alt tags on all photos & logos, SEO with h1 to h4 headers, meta title & description tags, ready for search engine indexing.

Speed Optimization

We don't settle for slow! We'll optimise it, reduce your page load time, and get your site moving!

Daily backups

We take daily, weekly, and monthly account backups and software backups that are run regularly and before each system update.

+ Extensions licensing

Lowest price guarantee
Get the latest patches & security fixes! Our extension list is fully licensed and price matched, so you won't pay extra!
Vendor's costs

We will only charge you the vendor's licencing costs, not a penny extra!

by 12

being the months of the yearly calendar,

= monthly fee

Which make up your licensing cost!

Software Updates

How we do it
We know not all websites are the same; different projects require different approaches, so it makes sense to have different levels of customisation and support.


Core CMS system,
Webx approved extensions list.
  • Updates are pushed to our testing platform and checked over,
  • Fixed and tested before being rolled out to your site,
  • Your website is backed up before updates are applied, which creates a restore point.


+ £25p/m
Checked over by our development team after updating.
  • Everything in Automated plus:
  • Simple module or plugin outside of our approved extensions list,
  • HTML overrides for bespoke layouts,
  • CSS & javascript snippet,
  • Advanced page builder implementation.


Updates are pushed to a staging area, breaking changes fixed & tested before moving live.
  • Everything in Semi-Automated plus:

  • 3rd-party extensions outside of our approved extensions list,
  • Code that requires special attention when updating,
  • A staging copy of the website to perform bespoke fixes & updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Jump to our Help Center for dedicated support.
Why do I need to update my website?

Updating your website allows you to get the latest features, enhancements, bug fixes, and patches to improve your site, with security being one of the biggest reasons to update your site regularly.

How often are updates released?

New features and changes are released on average every 6 to 8-weeks for the open-source CMS we use. Third-party extension support is another factor we consider before updating; ensuring compatibility support across the system. 

What happens if something breaks?

Our ecosystem is tested before being updated, so everything should work fine. However, if something does break, we'll fix it fast! We also take a backup before your site is updated, providing a restore point to which we can rollback.

If you are on our Automated plan but have customisations that aren't included, any bugs that arise due to a software upgrade will incur an additional charge.

If you'd prefer that we cover the fixes to all core AND custom extensions, then the Semi-automated plan will be an even better fit for you.

Are the prices excluding VAT?
Yes, all prices above exclude VAT.
Quality control

We do not outsource any of our work. We do all the development work ourselves in-house so we know exactly how your solution is built, which is the best way to control the quality.